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'''Gintas K''' (Gintas Kraptavicius) is a sound artist born in Lithuania in 1969 . He was the core member of the first Lithuanian industrial music group "Modus". Performances, actions, even short films shape the activities of "Modus" (which is translated as "the way of life"). Later Gintas Kraptavicius was active as a performer and interdisciplinary artist, known for his actions, happenings, written instructions in a post-fluxus manner. In 1999 Gintas turned his scenery name into Gintas K and started exploring experimental music|experimental, electroacoustic music|electroacoustic, electronic music|electronic, computer music aesthetics: from overloaded massive structures, static and physically overwhelming frequencies to melodic ambiences, voice and field recordings. Till now he has released 21 albums, contributed to online releases and projects, took part in various international festivals of new media art (...
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